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Frequently Asked Question(1)
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Frequently Asked Question(1)

1. Q: Where is Liuyang Ace Fireworks Mfg.Co.,Ltd?
A: Liuyang Ace Fireworks Mfg.Co. Ltd is a premier, world wide manufacturer, exporter, and large performance for fireworks shown. Whose headquarter is located in Liuyang, Hunan province. With agents in some countries and regions of the world. We have established trade relations with more than 30 countries and regions all over the world. Liuyang Ace Fireworks Mfg.Co., Ltd will bring you happiness and great fun.

2. Q: How many cartons of fireworks can be shipped in a 20-foot container?
A: It depends on the measurement of the carton of your order fireworks. Some of the carton is a little bigger, like display shells, but some of the carton is a little smaller, like firecrackers. For a middle measurement carton, you can ship about 620 cartons of fireworks. But you have to consider the maximum weight of the container. For example, a 40-foot container may be loaded for 1840 cartons of firecrackers; it does mean you can ship it, for it may be overloaded for the 40-foot container in weight. We will tell you the measurement carton of your goods.

3. Q: How much in USD of fireworks can be shipped in a 20-foot container?
A: It depends on the FOB terms and freight of the fireworks you ordered. Some of the fireworks are much more expensive than others. The FOB value of the average cost and priced cargo of fireworks for 600 cartons is about USD10,000. Furthermore, the shipment to your local area and the freight will also affect the cost of cargo. For the detailed freight of your local area and destination port, please contact with our Liuyang Ace Fireworks Mfg.Co.,Ltd.

4. Q: What are your most competitive products?
A: We are competitive on the following Professional and consumer Fireworks. Display shells series, from 2 inches to 16 inches, we produce more than 1,000 different kinds of effects, and all different sizes are available. The newest patented products High attitude Artistic shaping Fireworks. You can e-mail us for more details. Varies kinds of assorted cakes, from 0.5 inch to 4 inches, from 7 shots to 400 shots. Roman Candle series from 1.2 inches to 3 inches. We are competitive on the following Consumer Fireworks Fountains, Parachutes, Wheels, Spinning on Ground, Helicopters. Smokeless, Cold Flame and Stage Fireworks Series, various assorted color fireworks. Rocket series. Such as Moon Travelers, Assorted Rockets, Spherical Rockets, Flying Fish Rockets. Toy Fireworks. Such as Colorful Sparklers, Morning Glories, Smoke Balls, Pistol Ring Cops. Firecrackers. Such as Lady Crackers, Match Crackers, Celebration Crackers and woodpeckers. Sparklers, Morning glories, variety of smoke balls, smoke, party poppers.

5. Q: What kind of price term do you offer?
A: We offer FOB terms, CIF terms, C&F terms. This is up to your choice. In FOB terms, we need the information of shipper and your confirmation of shipment. We can also help you book the container under the FOB terms. In CIF & C&F terms, we need your destination port or place information for our shipment and delivery.

6. Q: Are you a membership of AFSL?
A: No. If necessary, all of the contracted cargo can be inspected by AFSL Liuyang office or its agents in Hong Kong.

7. Q: If I haven't the capability of designing color-pattern package, but I do hope my ordered items with beautiful package, what shall I do?
A: Yes, it is no problem, we can design for you, then send you express or E-mail. In a word, we will do our utmost to make you satisfactory.

8. Q: What kind of service can you provide for me if I am a new dealer?
A: We will forward you the situation about the fireworks business in your country or the around area, the best seller products and items of the latest. For more information about our products, price and our company, please contact us.

9. Q: What do the numbers mean in the “Measurement or Packing” column on the Products Catalogue? For example: 24/12/6.
A: It shows how many pieces of individual items are there in a case. 24/12/6 means 24×12×6=1728 pieces per case.

10. Q: Will my display be spoilt by bad weather?
A: If it rains, you will need to protect your fireworks with plastic bags or boxes until you are ready to let them off. Try to keep the portfire dry, too. If it were windy it would be safer to postpone your display until there is no more than a light breeze

11. Q: How do I set up my display?
A: a. Order your fireworks in good time.
b. Check your fireworks and read the instructions thoroughly.
c. Choose your site carefully.
d. Plan your display.
e. Set up your fireworks on the day of the display in daylight.
f. Protect your fireworks from the weather.
g. Check your instructions again.
h. Follow the firework code.
i. Have a great evening!

12. How safe are your fireworks?
All our fireworks comply with American (AFSL& CPSC) and British Standard BS 7114 and European standards. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully and your display will be both fun and safe.

13. Q: If we intend to cooperate with you, which ways do you adopt?
A: We may develop merely trade cooperation, we are also willing to develop joint venture or joint production. We start out from the spirit of equality & mutual benefit, we believe, together, we can & will make tomorrow a better day.

14. Q: What is your enterprise principle and aim?
A: We adhere the principle of "Quality first, Reputation first, Customer first, the prestige first; Cooperation with equality and mutual benefits”. We will try our best to supply you quality fireworks by the best services and most beneficial and competitive price.

15. Q: We want to visit your factories, then how shall we apply for & handle it?
A: According to your intention, we’ll send out an invitation to you. You may go through formalities in Chinese Embassy in your country with our invitation. After arrival in China, we will send our interpreter to pick you up at the airport. You’ll receive our warm welcome, enjoy our excellent service, and visit our factory. On daytime, you have chances to look at technological process of every product; at night, we will set off fireworks for you, for example, setting off display Shells, Cakes, and Rockets. We’ll lead you to a splendid colorful world. We do hope you enjoying yourself, which is from the combination of sound, light & color. Welcome to visit our company and factories.

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