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Fireworks and Folk Custom

In ancient China, people believed that fire could disperse evil spirits. Sparks were a good omen, sound could frighten ghosts, and smoke could create a healthy atmosphere. Fireworks had universal appeal as they combined these three elements.

In modern China, much like their ancestors, people set off fireworks to express their happiness and to pray for peace and invite good luck during festivals. Fireworks are truly rooted in people's consciousness and play an important role in a host of national celebrations and local festivals:
Chinese Lunar New Year - in early Spring
Lantern Festival - to mark the end of the Lunar New Year festival
China National Day - October 1st
Chinese ethnic minority festivals
Kite Festival of Weifan - annual showcase of kite art and design
Grape Festival of Turpen - in western China's grape growing area
Beer Festival of Qingdao - the 'famous' Qingdao Beer Co. of the port city of Qingdao
Other occasions there fireworks are often used:
Business launches
Honoring of guests

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