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2006年7月30日 来自:(Xinhua) 作者:AFKS [返回]

Lebanon issues ban on fireworks during World Cup

Lebanese Acting Interior Minister Ahmed Fatfat has banned setting off fireworks during the World Cup in an attempt to safeguard people's safety and comfort.

Fatfat was quoted by local press on Wednesday as saying that the use of fireworks has increased lately in residential areas after football matches.

In a statement released on Tuesday, He said "this constitutes a danger to public safety and subjects children to accidents. It also creates distress for citizens and could cause fires."

This has led the ministry to issue a ban on the usage of fireworks especially at the end of soccer matches, the minister said.

Since the start of the World Cup games in Germany, Lebanese have decorated their balconies and cars with the flags of the countries they support. Fans, mainly youths, celebrate the victory of their favorite teams by driving through the streets honking their horns and with fireworks.

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