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How to show fireworks!!!Please tell he,she and they!!!
Safety Information

How to show fireworks!!!Please tell he,she and they!!!

When used properly and in accordance with the following safety guidelines class C / Consumer fireworks are generally safe and reliable. Many injuries caused by fireworks are the result of improper use and carelessness.

Over the last few years items have improved by leaps and bounds in both performance and safe, reliable operation. Ace Fireworks has been a leader in improving both performance and reliability. This has caused many other Chinese fireworks factories to improve their products just to keep up.

Furthermore we do our own testing of items we sell to see if their performance stands up to our own high standards.

Please remember that you must use these items responsibly because accidents and injuries just make authorities want to restrict our use of fireworks more and more.

- Always wear safety glasses when shooting fireworks

#2 - Always wear safety glasses when shooting fireworks

#3 - Always wear safety glasses when shooting fireworks!!!!! This cannot be emphasized enough. If you wear no other safety equipment when shooting at least wears eye protection. If your eyes get severly damaged there’s a not good odd at regaining lost site.

#4 - Never allow children to use fireworks unless properly supervised.

#5 - DO NOT drink alcohol while using fireworks or allow anyone who has been drinking to light any fireworks.

#6 -Always keep spectators a safe distance away. At least 35 feet for ground items and at least 100 feet for aerial and exploding items. For novelties that move on the ground always be alert and aim them away from spectators.

#7 - Never place any part of your body over the firework when lighting. Approach the item from the side and light while keeping your body away from the item. A fuse / road flare works real good if you’re going to be shooting a lot of items in rapid succession. It not only lights the item quickly but also provides light to help you see what you’re doing. Small easy light propane torches also work real well and are very convenient. If all else fails you can use the trusty punk which will come free with your order. Cigarette lighters are really not as good an option since they tend to be unreliable when breezy and also cause you to get yourself closer to the item your trying to light. A flashlight also helps when trying to find the fuse or to check if the item is properly oriented.

#8 - Before lighting an item make sure it is sturdy and level. Do not place any items on uneven surfaces or grass. Always shoot from a hard level surface free from debris. If there is not an existing hard level surface at your shoot location you need to create one using plane wood or a similar material. There are also other items you can use to increase safety when shooting aerial items. Shooting boxes, 5gal buckets with sand, sand mounds and other techniques can be used to help better protect shooters and spectators. Check out our Articles section for a more in-depth look at these shooting / safety techniques. At the end of this section we also have some specific recommendations on individual item set up.

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